Eric Kinniburgh has joined the Boloco team, taking on the director of culinary role. Eric’s responsibilities include R&D, culinary enhancement, vendor relations, and food safety, among others. In other words, if you’re wondering what globally inspired creation will soon join the burrito joint’s menu of burritos, bowls, smoothies, and shakes: Eric is your guy.


Eric grew up in Montpelier, Vermont, where he learned firsthand the benefit of real food practices at an early age. His teachers? A large garden that provided a harvest each year and his mother (mom does know best, doesn’t she?), who knew the importance of properly grown and prepared food.


Eric started his career at a local Vermont pizzeria washing dishes and prepping vegetables before New England Culinary Institute hired him to work in the front of the house. In 2002, Eric created and starred in a local television show called Soups2Nuts that focused on creative cooking (perhaps he’ll revisit his culinary stardom days on Boloco TV in the near future?). In his twenties, Eric spent time working at small restaurants, health care, and pharmaceutical companies, and in 2012, he packed a bag and traveled to Europe to experience its cultures and food, working at restaurants in both Paris and Dublin during his time away from the States.


Boloco CEO John Pepper says he’s excited to have Eric join the Boloco team. “Eric is a talented chef, appreciates quality and well-made food, and is a traveler at heart – those three qualities make for a great Director of Culinary here at Boloco. We need a chef who can bring life to these globally inspired flavors in our menu. Who better to do that than someone who learned firsthand culinary traditions across the world?”


Eric lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his wife Eva. When he’s not testing out new Boloco recipes, he’s exploring Boston’s restaurant scene or giving in to his inner travel bug, finding new destinations to visit.

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