Travelers at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) can now visit the Parisian-style urban bakery café, Brioche Dorée, during every arrival and departure.

The exciting new eatery at the airport serving Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose, specializes in an impressive range of European café options. From fresh espresso-based coffees and croissant breakfast sandwiches to quiches, pizzas, and French-inspired desserts, the menu options and brand aura intend to recreate the classic street-side café in a modern environment that envelops all of the senses.

“Our entrance into Juan Santamaría International Airport is the latest example of how we are satisfying the demand travelers across the Americas have for quality, gourmet meals conveniently available while on the go,” said Jeff Drake, president of Brioche Dorée. “With guests from around the world visiting the airport every day, Brioche Dorée is sure to impress with its genuine Parisian character.”

Well-known Costa Rican retailer and specialty coffee roaster and distributor Grupo Britt N.V. owns and operates SJO’s Brioche Dorée. The location serves Café Britt coffees, offering a high-end coffee shop experience in a market that Britt Shops has been firmly established in since its beginnings in 1985. The Brioche Dorée-Grupo Britt partnership offers a winning combination for the airport’s travelers.

San José’s new Brioche Dorée features an updated, modern urban style first introduced in Toronto. The SJO location highlights the brand’s trademark glass displays, accompanied by darker wood furnishing and stark red overtones.

“We could not be more pleased with Brioche Dorée. We’re two gourmet brands that put quality at the top of our priority list,” says Philippe Aronson, president of Grupo Britt N.V. “Whether you are in a rush to catch your next flight, or have a few minutes to relax, Brioche Dorée is sure to please travelers who need a quick coffee or a treat they won’t feel guilty about later.”

The selection of menu items is updated regularly to stay in step with the season and ensure the freshest ingredients. Each dish is made simply and naturally, with signature menu items including the classic butter croissant with flour, yeast, butter, milk, eggs, and nothing else. Or, for those looking to indulge, tartlets and chocolate croissants await the traveling sweet tooth.

Brioche Dorée has a rich tradition dating back almost 40 years. There are more than 600 bakeries in operation throughout Europe and Asia. Central American airports present the brand with tremendous growth opportunities.

“We are working to bring our fresh bakery experience to more guests across Central America, and airports are the perfect venue to do just that,” Drake says. “Our cafés are perfectly designed for air travelers that want fresh bakery options and delicious drinks, in a setting that serves busy commuters and folks who have time to relax at the airport food court. We are confident that Brioche Dorée will build a great name for itself in this airport and in many more to come.”

The Parisian-style urban bakery café continues to grow with its robust franchise and licensing growth strategy that will significantly increase its Central American presence. Current plans call to expand Brioche Dorée by 15 percent annually in the Americas.

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