The newest addition to the Bryn+Dane’s family of healthy fast food eateries is opening Saturday, February 10 at 11:30 AM.

The Bryn+Dane’s formula of serving healthy, carefully sourced ingredients, put together in personalized combinations by customers making selections from high tech ordering screens, has set the local chain on a strong path to national franchise success.

The opening of the new Malvern location is important for several reasons. The Western Mainline is an ideal location given the demographic appeal of Bryn+Dane’s, which includes school, college and post college-age patrons, young Mom’s looking for healthy and convenient options for their families, and health conscious eaters of all ages. From family feedings to the perfect bite for on the go business types, Bryn+ Dane’s has a large, diverse and loyal extended family.

It also marks a format refinement for Bryn+Dane’s, which after opening two super sleek and modern eateries in Plymouth Meeting and Bryn Mawr, is revisiting its fun and funky persona embodied in the early Horsham B+D’s in a defunct Starbucks location.

B+D founder Bryn Davis feels that the highly evolved Plymouth Meeting and Bryn Mawr stores serve their particular audiences very well. Since then his experience setting up the first “Little Brother” cafe in Entebbe Uganda—the pilot of an ambitious corporate sharing model in which all future Bryn+Dane’s franchises will participate—has given Bryn an appreciation for a new aesthetic.

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