BurgerFi International Inc., owner of leading fast-casual brand BurgerFi, and the casual dining pizza brand Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza & Wings, and MAVI.io will showcase the new OnMyWay Mobile Retail Network with demos of the first in-vehicle restaurant partnership with BurgerFi at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Attendees will also be able to test other OnMyWay partners including C-Store Choice Market, and car services / car wash Everwash and others to be announced

The MAVI OnMyWay brings convenient shopping options straight to the dashboard of customer vehicles. In addition to pickup and curbside options, the in-vehicle solution will allow passengers in any Connected Car to make payments, by connecting the car’s interface and data to MAVI’s Mobile Retail Network. The marketplace will feature leading -restaurants, convenience and grocery stores and more. The options consider inventory in real-time to ensure availability as well as the driver’s location, route, destination, order and payment preferences, and loyalty program memberships.

“Drivers appreciate the convenience of curbside pickup. The added benefit of being able to shop safely and efficiently from their cars to make the most of each trip is priceless,” says Karl Goodhew, Chief Technology Officer of BurgerFi. “BurgerFi has been leveraging and testing  technologies to keep up with evolving customer demands and remains at the forefront of innovation as part of its commitment to provide the best restaurant experience, while continuing its aggressive expansion along the Eastern seaboard.”

BurgerFi, known for its pioneering, tech-forward approach in the fast-casual space, is MAVI’s first in-car OnMyWay partner and key quick-service restaurant Innovation partner. Mavi OnMyWay will allow hungry customers to pick up food while on the go, whether it be on the way to work or on the way home from dinner. For those with children it’s a great time saver after picking the kids up from an after-school activity. This way customers will have access to the freshest, fastest and most high-quality options out there.

CES attendees will have the opportunity to test the platform at four locations throughout the conference. The demonstrations will be held inside an invitation-only pavilion with Stellantis hosted by COVESA on Jan 5 and throughout the week by appointment in on the road shopping trip to BurgerFi and other locations to find, buy and get OnMyWay orders. “In today’s fast-paced world consumers are looking to maximize their time,” says Cynthia Hollen CEO and Co-founder of MAVI.io. “Thanks to the OnMyWay platform we are able to place retail in front of consumers empowering them to do more with less time.” This first-ever restaurant partnership will allow more Americans to enjoy two high-quality nostalgic staples, pizza and burgers, from Anthony’s and BurgerFi, because not all pizzas and burgers are equal.

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