Caribou Coffee said it is the first nationwide coffeehouse to offer bubbles in its iced coffee drinks. Now guests can kick back and bubble by adding these delicious, chewy, flavor-packed morsels to any of Caribou’s existing iced beverages, including coffee drinks. The new line of bubble drinks debuts in stores on May 3.

Caribou Coffee’s Bubbles are chewy, coconut jellies flavored with caramel and are the perfect beverage mix-in. Caribou’s Bubbles aren’t filled with anything (tapioca, fruit juice, etc.), so they don’t pop when you chew them like many options in the market.

“Bubbles, in various forms, originated in Japan and Hong Kong during the 1990’s and have since been used in teahouses globally for many years,” says Jenifer Hagness, VP of marketing and product innovation. “Caribou will be the first coffeehouse nationwide to integrate bubbles with coffee beverages.”

Caribou Coffee’s new Bubble Drinks include: Raspberry Green Tea (iced), Caramel Cooler (blended), Matcha Tea Cooler (blended). The drinks are for a growing coffee crowd looking for a new way to escape to bubblier shores. After all, who doesn’t love a delicious, fun surprise at the bottom of their beverage!

Escape to bubblier shores with Caribou Coffee’s new Bubble Beverages available at all locations nationwide, about 400 stores, starting May 3.

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