The cannabis-themed restaurant and bar is eagerly anticipating its opening and can’t wait to light the joint up, and be the undisputed local hangout for curing cottonmouth and the munchies!

Cheba savant Isaac Montoya, wife Rebekah, parents Roman and Lori, and his remarkable team epitomize the spirit of the Hut! Once again, they are excited to showcase their exceptional talents in the unique city of El Paso and eager to cultivate further their longstanding partnership with the beloved “toasted” sub and bar concept.

Montoya’s rise through the ranks is one of passion and devotion. Beginning as a crew member, he swiftly rose to the general manager role before becoming a proud owner of his own joint. Fast forward to today, Sunland Park will be his fifth location with more on the horizon.

While Montoya is a true leader in his own right, developing an exciting team of professionals who demonstrate excellence throughout the Southwest with each shop, he is an amalgamation of his hardworking family. His wife, mother, and father have been integral to the brand’s success in New Mexico and Texas.

The Sunland Park crew believes it is essential for the new location to not only reflect the history of El Paso but embrace the inviting nature of its community of residents. They plan to articulate these principles through a massive central mural and a large bar for the community to come together, mingle, and even catch a local game.

Finley, Cheba Hut’s staple muralist, is honoring Lucha Libre wrestling history and its high-flying, fast-paced culture with the Sunland Park mural. Imagine all the greats of the sport with a stoner twist fans of the Hut have come to know and love.

Montoya explains, “The goal is to be the neighborhood’s go-to hangout while allowing the interior and exterior of the shop to capture the vibes and culture of the beautiful city of El Paso.”

Not only will the new Texas location be cheffing up a variety of dank subs, fluffy pretzel nugs, and gooey Krispy treats that can cure any level of the munchies, but also, for the twenty-one and up homies, they’ll be slinging some delicious signature cocktails and local brews from their full bar that will obliterate any presence of cottonmouth!

Montoya, along with his powerhouse team, understands and embraces the significance of maintaining Cheba Hut’s Core Values (The Hustle, Show Respect, Own It, Pay It Forward, Keep It Real). Montoya explains, “Owning It is a main Core Value we want to show off. I believe we struggle as humans to own successes, so having an attitude of gratitude and celebrating every win is dire.”

Kristin Acevedo, the shop’s marketing manager, continued, “Owning It all the way! Run with your successes, be engaged, and most importantly be transparent whether good or bad.”

The shop located at 730 Sunland Park Dr. STE 200 El Paso, TX 79912 opens its doors on Friday, 4/19! The brand is stoked to bring over 30 signature “toasted” subs, an array of delicious munchie treats, and cottonmouth cures for all ages (Crafted Cocktails for the 21+ homies) to the El Paso area!

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