Checkers/Rally’s announced the introduction of the all-new Toasted Frisco Melt.

Offered as a limited time promotion, the Toasted Frisco Melt is a burger featuring two hand-seasoned, all-beef patties piled high with two slices of melted Swiss cheese, tangy Frisco sauce, seasoned grilled onions and pickles, all served on toasted sourdough bread.

During this promotion, Checkers/Rally’s also offers for a limited time its signature Toasted American Melt, which first debuted last year and has been a customer favorite ever since.

“We pride ourselves on offering premium menu choices that deliver on our brand promise of bold flavor and high taste at a can’t be beaten price,” says Ryan Joy, director of research and development at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc. “Our Toasted Double Melts are extremely popular with our guests, and we’ve had a lot of fun expanding our line of Melts with new ingredients and robust flavor combinations that people crave.”

Checkers/Rally’s Toasted Frisco Melt and Toasted American Melt are available at participating locations nationwide at the suggested price of “2 for $4.” Prices may vary.

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