Buddy Fruits' all natural fruit snacks debuted on Chick-fil-A kid's menus nationwide, as the two companies join forces to provide a healthier fast food option. With the new agreement Buddy Fruits' fruit pouches, which are gluten-free with no added preservatives or sugar, will appear on all 1,500 Chick-fil-A restaurant menus. This announcement marks a major milestone for each company as this new initiative encourages customers of all ages to stay fit and healthy by eating a well balanced diet.

Recognizing that children are among the pickiest eaters, Chick-fil-A selected Buddy Fruits for its ability to make consuming fruit fun and innovative. The easy to eat and tasty treat compliments Chick-fil-A's family-centric image and aligns with the company's growing menu of nutritional offerings. Available in a variety of flavors, including banana, apple cinnamon, strawberry, and multi-fruit, Buddy Fruits is a perfect option for the family on the go.

"To be able to offer Chick-fil-A customers a Buddy Fruit is a significant achievement for our team," says Fabian Milon, cofounder of Buddy Fruits. "They have established a reputable brand that caters to active families while meeting nutritional requirements. The new partnership is not only a positive step forward for both companies but also a success for healthier lifestyles."

Made from all natural ingredients, Buddy Fruits Blended Fruit pouches are made of 100 percent fruit with no sugar added. Each pouch contains only 60 calories and do not need to be refrigerated.

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