How does a company achieve six consecutive years of same store sales when the economy has been on a consistent
spiral downward? According to Church’s Chicken CEO Harsha V. Agadi, good strategy, good team, good value, and good in the community is the
formula for success. As head of one of only three quick-service chains with marked success in this environment, Agadi has something to say.

While others are resorting to fleeting tactics, Agadi’s strategy to successful
growth is all about staying consistent and true to the core values that have made the brand successful over time:

offering a great product at a good value and staying true to the community by creating jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities,
and most importantly, by giving back in meaningful ways.

Agadi will host a conference call next Tuesday, April 28 and spell out Church’s recipe for success; announce franchise and store opening goals both domestically and internationally; highlight current initiatives within his strategy that are giving rise to that success including creative domestic

franchise development offerings, recent international franchise expansion into southeast Asia, India, and Northern Africa

and expansion of current ‘community-focused” brand campaign; and reaffirm Church’s commitment to the communities in which it operates with a unique initiative in sync with the chain’s new branding campaign.

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