As thousands of Houston and Beaumont citizens attempt to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Church’s Chicken is lending a helping hand by providing relief to not only Church’s franchises impacted by the storm, but to area residents as well.

The chain had about 140 franchised locations in the Beaumont and Houston areas that were hit hard by the storm, and many of them closed due to the disaster. Church’s corporate headquarters, based in Atlanta, along with their Houston and Beaumont franchisees tallied the damage and responded quickly by filling trucks with chicken on route to those markets. The company also arranged to have ten power generators shipped into the area and placed half of their operations team on the ground in an effort to get the stores up and running to serve the community desperate for food and supplies.

“It is so important to everyone at Church’s Chicken to support others in a time of need–whether it is our customers, community members, or our fellow restaurants. We are proud of everyone who stepped up and donated time and services to those affected by Hurricane Ike,” says Mike Kuzminsky, vice resident Franchise Operations US, Church’s Chicken. “As the Houston and Beaumont-area communities begin to rebuild, Church’s Chicken restaurants will be right there along with them.”

Church’s Chicken has now reopened more than 141 locations out of the 144 restaurants that were closed due to the hurricane.

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