Coffee Cultures, a new brand of coffeehouse, will open in spring 2013 in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District.

The cafe and community gathering spot will serve Counter Culture Coffee; homemade fresh yogurt using locally sourced Straus milk and a special probiotic-focused culture; Five Mountain Teas; and handcrafted pastries from local artisanal patisseries.

From the friendly baristas to hip interior design, Coffee Cultures will offer a glimpse into the diverse, vibrant, and forward-thinking ethos that represents the best of San Francisco. The coffeehouse is the latest development by entrepreneur Jason Michael Paul, who cofounded Coffee Bar, a popular hangout that opened in 2007 in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. 

Coffee Cultures also will be the first establishment in San Francisco to serve world-famous Counter Culture Coffee. Since 1995, Counter Culture Coffee has sourced handcrafted coffees directly from the farmers themselves, honoring the farms and cultures that create those coffees, and roasting skillfully to bring out their unique flavors.

Counter Culture Coffee celebrates these coffees as the fresh, seasonal fruits they are, and only sells coffee at the peak of flavor and freshness. 

“San Francisco is a haven for unique, conscientious coffeehouses,” says Jason Michael Paul, founder of Coffee Cultures. “With Coffee Cultures, I hope to deliver a cool world of local artisanal pastries and products, as well as unbelievably delicious and socially responsible coffee and yogurt. I want this coffeehouse to be a treat for the busy people working in the city’s thriving financial district.

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