Spring is in bloom at Cold Stone Creamery and after a long and cold winter season, it’s time to celebrate. Beginning March 15, Cold Stone will offer two new flavors, Wild Blueberry Muffin Batter Ice Cream and non-dairy Whipped Meyer Lemon, new Creations, and Mother’s Day cakes.

Wild Blueberry Muffin Ice Cream will be featured in its own new Creation and Whipped Meyer Lemon will be featured in both a Creation and frozen beverage.

“There is no better way to break out of the cold winter months than with some super-premium ice cream and our delectable flavors, Creations and cakes are absolutely perfect for spring,” says Sara Schmillen, vice president of marketing at Kahala Brands, parent company of Cold Stone Creamery. “We are especially excited to introduce non-dairy Whipped Meyer Lemon. It’s deliciously tart and is a great new option for our ‘non-dairy’ guests.”

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Cold Stone Creamery will feature two of our most popular ice cream cakes—Strawberry Passion Ice Cream Cake and Oreo Cookies & Cream Extreme Ice Cream Cake.

Cold Stone Creamery stores will offer Wild Blueberry Muffin Batter Ice Cream and Whipped Meyer Lemon Flavors and Creations and Whipped Meyer Lemon frozen beverage until May 14.

Promotional Creations (Available March 15 – May 14):

  • Pie Like You Berry Much–Wild Blueberry Muffin Batter Ice Cream with Blueberries, Graham Cracker Pie Crust and Sugar Crystals
  • Golden Oreo Lemon Whip–Whipped Meyer Lemon with Strawberries, Golden Oreo Cookies and Whipped Topping

Promotional Frozen Beverage (Available March 15 – May 14):

  • Lemon Berry Chill–Whipped Meyer Lemon blended with Strawberries

Mother’s Day Cakes

  • Strawberry Passion–Layers of moist Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Puree & Strawberry Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Pie Crust wrapped in fluffy Strawberry Frosting
  • Oreo Cookies & Cream Extreme–Layers of moist Yellow Cake, Chocolate Ice Cream with Golden Oreo Cookies & Cake Batter Ice Cream with Oreo Cookies wrapped in fluffy Oreo Cookie Frosting
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