Once the New Year rolls around, we’re all inundated with pressure to eat healthier, get in shape and lose that weight once and for all. It’s a daunting thought, and most of us fall by the wayside after a few weeks. What if your New Year’s health plan only took 21 days to change your habits with detailed instructions from a qualified health professional? This year, make resolutions easy with the CoreLife Challenge, a 21-day food revolution beginning at all CoreLife locations on January 22, 2020 designed by CoreLife Eatery co-founder Todd Mansfield.

Mansfield, who spent decades of his career practicing physical therapy and functional medicine and training in nutrition, created the CoreLife Challenge to provide easy and functional guidelines to improve health and athletic performance. CoreLife Eatery is an active lifestyle restaurant that has always prioritized using fresh ingredients free of trans fats, artificial colors, sweeteners, artificial additives and GMOs.

During the 21-day challenge, which is free of cost, participants will adopt a diet that emphasizes vegetables, protein, healthy fats, yogurt, fiber-rich foods and bone broth and eschews sugar, fast food, wheat and gluten, packaged food, trans fats, dairy and soy. All meals offered at CoreLife adhere to these standards, and customers and previous challenge participants have lauded the results they’ve achieved from following Mansfield’s plan.

Participants get the added bonuses of $1 bone broths on Mondays and Thursdays, a $10 CoreLife credit when signing up on the app, and triple the usual reward points with each purchase.

After being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and insulin resistance, Tami from Ohio, a frequent customer turned employee, had unforeseen surgery and found herself in need of a lifestyle change. “I literally am surprised with the wealth of health, nutrition and fitness information I obtained through all of this, that even my own doctors say I missed my calling,” says Tami of her experience following the CoreLife Challenge.

Now a valued CoreLife team member, Tami is helping others to embrace the health revolution that she experienced. “I look forward to inspiring others and helping my CoreLife market be the leader in everything we represent and offer. I think it’s so awesome our brand is franchising, and it won’t be long before locations spread out like wildfire,” Tami says. “My motto is: health equals wealth. I said this to a guest this week and she absolutely loved it. Trust me, I know this firsthand.”

Instead of a celebrity endorsement, participants in this year’s CoreLife challenge will be featured on the brand’s social media, to showcase their successes and encourage others to get on board with the movement. More details regarding the Challenge and sign-up will be released via the CoreLife website on December 26, 2019.

The CoreLife Eatery concept took off quickly in recent years in New York State as people embraced the ability to eat healthy and powerful foods every day. The first location opened in Syracuse in 2015, and additional locations in Webster and Greece, both near Rochester, opened soon after. The brand just recently began franchising with plans to expand the number of communities they can serve powerful and healthful options every day. For more information on franchising opportunities, contact the internal franchise team at 855-CORELIF(E) or 855-267-3543.

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