Wisconsin-based Cousins Subs achieved the impossible in its newest television advertising campaign: it lured the elusive Sasquatch out of hiding. Justin McCoy, vice president of marketing for Cousins Subs, says the whole thing happened by accident.

“We were out in the woods shooting a television ad for our new Twisted Ham & Cheddar and Twisted Turkey & Roast Beef sandwiches. Sasquatch came out of nowhere and asked for a sub – just like that. It was really weird.  But the camera was rolling and we recorded it, so we decided to put him in the commercial.”
McCoy says there is an added surprise. “Sasquatch speaks! And he’s actually quite articulate. Go figure. It turns out he was more than willing to become a Cousins Subs spokesperson, as long as he was compensated – in sub sandwiches.”
“Our limited time offer subs have consistently driven guests to our stores,” McCoy says. “With the one and only Sasquatch endorsing our ‘twisted’ pretzel bread subs, we are confident that our guests will be excited to try these new offerings.”
The Twisted Ham & Cheddar features ham, cheddar cheese, bistro sauce, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and crushed red peppers on pretzel bread. The Twisted Turkey & Roast Beef features roast beef, turkey breast, cheddar cheese, brown mustard, mayo, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes on pretzel bread. 
The Twisted Ham & Cheddar and the Twisted Turkey & Roast Beef will be available in Cousins Subs stores starting on October 29, through the end of the year. 
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