Crumbl Cookies, the nation’s fastest-growing franchise has donated $25,000 to kick off their “Be a smart cookie, Know Your Lemons” campaign with the Know Your Lemons Foundation by getting customers involved—and educated—to save lives from breast cancer, in all 270+ stores  nationwide.  

During the first week of October, roughly half a million Crumbl customers will have the opportunity to donate $1 to the Know Your Lemons Foundation during their weekly cookie run. And to help improve  early detection, every customer will be educated about the 12 signs of breast cancer through an in-store poster display at checkout, and offered the charity’s award-winning “Know Your Lemons” breast health  app.  

“Partnering with a forward-thinking brand like Crumbl helps us in our mission to save lives through early  detection,” says Dr. Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont, Know Your Lemons Foundation charity founder. “Not  only is Crumbl generously supporting our grassroots education programs, but they are also dedicating  space in their store to make sure everyone learns the 12 symptoms of breast cancer and goes home with a  warm cookie and an app on their phone. There will be women who see this poster and will realize for the  first time they have a symptom that needs checked out by a doctor. The app can help guide them through  that process, and ultimately it will mean more women survive from breast cancer because of it.” 

“We know that many individuals and families have suffered the heartbreaking effects of breast cancer and  we are excited to do our part to support early detection in the communities we serve,” said Jason  McGowan, Crumbl CEO and co-founder. “Know Your Lemons is an innovative charity that helps educate in a creative and accessible way that’s saving lives. We are incredibly proud to partner with them.” 

In addition to donations and education, Crumbl will also be featuring a set of all pink cookies for the first  week of October (4-9th). Customers can look forward to trying the custom lineup, participating in a great  cause, and getting their first taste of a new, never-before-released flavor. 

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