Crumbl Cookies, the gourmet cookie delivery company that took the nation by storm, is now launching into TikTok stardom.  

Crumbl Cookies gained 800k followers on TikTok, the newest leading social media platform, in the span of a month. In a marketing world reliant on trends and social media mastery, this  unprecedented momentum is positioning Crumbl as an upcoming expert in the TikTok sphere.  

“Our entire approach aligns perfectly with TikTok,” says Jason McGowan, Crumbl CEO and co founder. “Our rotating menu and new flavors produce content that keeps users intrigued and  invested. Third-party creators then organically supplement this content with their own opinions and  validation. Our top-notch content coupled with this organic third-party feedback is a compelling duo  that users love to engage with.” 

Lines of TikTok creators arrive at Crumbl’s doors every week, anxious to try the weekly lineup and  be the first to let their audiences know how they rank the flavors. In these #crumblreview videos,  TikTok creators sample each of the 5 weekly rotating cookies, and rank them on a 1-10 scale for  their audiences.  

“It’s really an incredible thing to witness,” says McGowan. “We love that our cookies have become  part of so many people’s weekly routines.”  

Crumbl keeps its menu fresh every week, with a rotating lineup from over 150+ cookie flavors. An  extensive research and development team consistently creates new flavors inspired from cakes,  pies, candies, and desserts of all kinds. The constant new offerings keep the brand fresh and keep  customers (and viewers) coming back every week for more. Crumbl’s impressive social media  presence (1.2M TikTok followers and 810k Instagram followers) speaks for the impact these cookies  have had on customers and social media users across the nation.  

“We adapt as quickly as TikTok adapts,” says McGowan. “Where TikTok has new trends, we have  new flavors. Where TikTok offers connection digitally, we offer it over the best box of cookies in the  world. Creators are looking for new and fresh content for their audiences and we provide them with  that content in a way that is aesthetic and delicious.”  

Crumbl has seen significant growth since its beginnings in 2017. In only 3 years, it has opened 220  stores in over 30 states. Some of the Crumbl specialty cookies include: Muddy Buddy, Biscoff Lava,  Funfetti, Snickerdoodle, Coconut Lime, Chocolate Caramel, Nutella Sea Salt, Oatmeal Chocolate  Chip, Rocky Road, S’Mores, Pumpkin Pie, and many more. 

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