Bullritos, a regional burrito chain, is breaking new ground with the launch of a new online ordering application designed by OLO Online Ordering.

Starting today, fans of Texas-based Bullritos can order, pay and confirm their spot as first in line — all without leaving the regional chain's Facebook page.

Bullritos is the first restaurant brand in the country to launch an online ordering application on Facebook that allows its 5,000 fans the ability to view and order from the restaurant's full menu, repeat previous orders, pay securely using a credit card, and confirm time and date of pick-up – without leaving Facebook.

Even better, when fans order through Facebook they skip the line and, as the application is called, "Run with It."

More than 7,000 food and beverage industry brands have a page on Facebook, yet Bullritos is the first restaurant chain in the country to embrace the social network's online commerce capabilities.

"Our customers expect to grab a bag, customize their order, and run with it," says Heather McKeon, director of marketing, Bullritos.

"The new Facebook application extends our brand, allowing loyal customers even more options for ordering their customized burrito fast — on the platform they choose."

In addition to the benefits for customers, who can also save and repeat their favorite orders using the application, the new app allows Bullritos to tap new customers from among Facebook's 800 million active users. More importantly, by engaging new customers through the social network, Bullritos gains exposure to customers that match the demographic profile of their loyal fans.

OLO Online Ordering powers Bullritos Facebook-based ordering app, along with online and mobile ordering services for more than 150 fast casual and quick service brands.

Noah Glass, OLO's chief executive, has seen the mobile and online ordering space grow exponentially since he created the first text-messaging platform for mobile ordering in 2005.

"Customers adopt new ordering options as fast as we can create them," says Glass.

"For example, mobile online ordering apps are being downloaded and used at nearly three times the rate as website orders. We expect online ordering for Facebook to grow exponentially."

The combination of take out ordering and Facebook is sure to yield results.

Takeout is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. restaurant industry, representing approximately 31 percent of restaurant industry sales, and Facebook users embrace apps. Facebook estimates that, on average, Facebook users install apps more than 20 million times every day and more than 500 million people use an app monthly.

Online ordering also presents a benefit for restaurant operations. OLO's online and mobile ordering applications link directly to a restaurant's point of sale (POS) system, allowing more orders per hour, without putting a strain on employees.

Brought to you by the Gringo's Mexican Kitchen group, Bullritos is a quick-casual, family-friendly burrito joint serving bag 'n' go burritos (bullritos), bowls and tacos. There are currently 15 franchise locations throughout Texas, Louisiana and Georgia.

Founded in 2005, NYC-based OLO is a pioneer of self-service ordering for the restaurant industry, making takeout and delivery more convenient for restaurants and consumers through OLO's mobile and online ordering platform. OLO's self-service ordering platform integrates directly with restaurant point of sale systems, allowing seamless ordering and pre-payment of all orders for 150 top restaurant brands, such as Five Guys, Cold Stone Creamery, and SONIC, as well as independent restaurants throughout the U.S.

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