David Rutkauskas, founder and president of Beautiful Brands International (BBI), announced his plans to write his first book in collaboration with well known editor and contributing author, Mark Brown of Tulsa. The book will trace Rutkauskas’ life and career in the restaurant, retail, and franchise industry while also giving practical advice for people reaching for their own goals.

Rutkauskas' BBI is a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based franchise and restaurant innovation company. BBI is internationally known as a leader in fast-casual and casual restaurant development and is responsible for the successful launch of worldwide brands like Camille's Sidewalk Cafe, FreshBerry Froze Yogurt Cafe, Dixie Cream Donut Company, Blazing Onion Burger Company, Caz's Chowhouse, Rex's Chicken, In The Raw Sushi, Smallcakes Cupcakery, and Top That! Pizza.

“This book is for anyone wanting to make things happen for themselves,” Rutkauskas says. “Having spent so much time in the restaurant and franchise business, I’ve seen the best and worst of business ownership and have learned some significant life lessons. I believe my experience can help guide people in their pursuits and point them in the right direction toward a life full of passion, purpose and success.”

Unlike typical business leadership books, Rutkauskas says his message will focus more on the human continuum—mind, body, and spirit—and its empowering effects in our lives for passionately pursuing our goals and dreams. Using examples from his own life and career, Rutkauskas will strive to show the interconnectivity between wealth and business success and a holistic view of human nature.  

“I know the struggles I’ve had forging my own happiness through entrepreneurship. It’s not easy, and I believe what I’ve learned will help others create their own dreams of business leadership and success,” Rutkauskas says. “My focus will be on the principles of success and directing a narrative that follows the human equation for a balanced life emphasizing family, health, wellness, success, and passion.”

Asked if his book will be a “how-to” book for creating wealth, Rutkauskas says, “I’m essentially describing a method of living that allows someone to create wealth and build businesses, but also one that incorporates body, mind, and spirit to help him or her become a better person, better spouse, better parent, leader, and so on. I believe anyone who can change themselves and never give up can change the world.”

Rutkauskas’ book is slated for publication in 2012 and will coincide with the launch of BBI’s FranchiseUniversity, an online school that will offer entrepreneurs tools and resources for success in their business, including webinars, consulting, coaching, policies, procedures, manuals, templates, and speaking seminars by Rutkauskas.

“I’m very excited about this book project and expanding our vision to include an online university for entrepreneurs,” Rutkauskas says. “I envision an entire resource center for people to help guide their success in life and business. This book is a significant step toward that goal and sharing my experience and personal advice to people reaching for their dreams.”


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