Decision Logic, provider of the industry’s most trusted back-office and compliance software and services for multi-unit restaurants, announces a strategic partnership with national technology developer Aviture Inc. This move brings additional development resources to the Decision Logic development team, positioning the organization for short-term and long-term technology advancements.


“We have an exciting vision for Decision Logic. With increased development resources and all the expertise of our partners at Aviture, we look forward to rapid deployment of additional product features,” John Barber says. Barber who serves as Decision Logic’s chief architect will continue to lead the Decision Logic development team at Aviture.


Founded in 2004, Aviture is a software consulting company providing technical leadership and the accomplished personnel required to facilitate the development of modern enterprise software solutions. Aviture has vast experience in both established and emerging development practices, delivering agility to the development of next generation service-based applications supporting both commercial and government partners. Aviture's experience in the restaurant industry includes working with Yum! Brands, Applebee's, and major suppliers like Coke, providing a unique insight into the needs of restaurant operators.


Aviture CEO Mark Griffis says, "We are off to a running start, making short-term and long-term technological advancements that will benefit Decision Logic users in a meaningful way."


Decision Logic executive team found Aviture’s culture and capabilities to be a good match, providing positive opportunities for both clients and employees.

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