Del Taco, a leader in the Mexican quick-service restaurant category, announced its new franchise development incentive programs for 2014, its 50th anniversary year. With these significant incentives in place, the company looks to build on record sales at its more than 550 restaurants nationwide and partner with multiunit operators to bring Del Taco’s made-to-order food to guests across the country.

“This past year has been a historic one for Del Taco in regard to both sales and guest satisfaction metrics,” says Paul Murphy, CEO of Del Taco. “Our franchisees continue to execute Del Taco’s proven system effectively, and we’re looking forward to leveraging this success to grow the brand in 2014 and beyond.”

For 2014, the company is offering multiple incentives, including one for franchisees opening in a new Del Taco market, and one for minorities and veterans interested in franchise opportunities.

For franchisees who commit to opening up at least five Del Taco restaurants in a new market, Del Taco offers a tiered incentive program. The market is determined by the Del Taco development department, and restaurants must be opened within a specified time frame. The incentive includes reduced franchise fees and lower royalties for up to three years.

A registered brand with VetFran, in association with the International Franchise Association, Del Taco offers veterans and minorities incentives as well. In honor of the 50 year anniversary celebration, when the franchisee enters into a multiunit development agreement they will receive a 50-percent savings on the initial franchise fee and two years of reduced royalties on their first restaurant.

“To accompany these significant incentives, we’re offering the opportunity for franchisees to capture exclusive development territories” says Laura Tanaka, director of franchise development at Del Taco. “As Del Taco comes off several consecutive record sales periods, we’re looking to expand our winning brand with new multiunit franchise partners.”

In 2013, the brand saw a system-wide rebrand, which included a new restaurant design and updated décor to match its focus on freshness. In addition to this refresh, the company placed an emphasis on menu innovation by launching the Buck & Under Menu, Epic Burritos, and the CrunchTada platform, the most successful product line in Del Taco’s 50-year history. The combination of these tactics, combined with an aggressive marketing strategy, strong focus on the customer experience, and operational excellence, resulted in significant gains.

Del Taco carried this momentum into 2014 with the introduction of Turkey Tacos. The company projects sales gains to sustain on the strength of newly introduced products such as Breakfast Tacos and additional Epic Burrito offerings

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Growth, News, Del Taco