With dismal news coming out every day about the state of the economy and the plight of the American consumer, it’s hard not to worry about where every penny is going. As a result, Domino’s Pizza (NYSE: DPZ – News) is now offering a great new value meal called the 444 Deal: three 10 inch pizzas with one topping for $4 each (minimum order of three.)

“Nowadays, $4 gets you a little more than a gallon of gas or a cup of coffee from a local coffee house,” says David Brandon, Domino’s Pizza Chairman and CEO. “Who would have thought it could buy you a meal?”

“We know from third party research that when people are concerned about the economy they tend to skip meals–particularly lunch–to save a few bucks. With the 444 Deal, you and a couple of friends can order your choice of pizza at a great value and still have leftovers,” says Patrick Doyle, President of Domino’s USA.

The new 444 Deal will be launching in more than 1,500 Domino’s Pizza locations starting March 31, and will be available nationwide by April 14.

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