Domino’s Pizza debuts its new brand advertising campaign, “Bad Andy. Good Pizza.” on May 22. The television, radio and print ads introduce the Domino’s Crew and a new character, Bad Andy.

“Bad Andy. Good Pizza.” is the first advertising campaign that Deutsch Inc. has created for Domino’s Pizza. The radio, print and television package features a character named Bad Andy who serves as a foil to Domino’s team members. Specially conceived for Domino’s by The Jim Henson Company, Bad Andy is an irreverent animal character who tries to divert Domino’s team members’ attention from making pizzas.

“Andy’s mischievous antics allow us to showcase Domino’s pizza-making process,” said Donny Deutsch, chairman and CEO, Deutsch Inc. Along with Bad Andy stirring up mischief, each commercial the ingredients or one of the steps in the Domino’s pizza-making process. In “Sockets,” a Domino’s Pizza team member notices all that the HeatWave(TM) Hot Bags have been unplugged, and the electrical sockets are filled with other plugs. After following a tangle of electrical cords, the team member discovers Andy relaxing in a massage chair surrounded by a fan, blender, two televisions, a lava lamp and a stereo. As the Domino’s team member explains to Andy the importance of the HeatWave Hot Bag for delivering hot pizza, Andy turns up the intensity of the chair until he blows the fuse.

Deutsch Inc. is a $1.2 billion full-service advertising agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. Deutsch, the largest Independent agency in the U.S., was named 1999 Agency of the Year by ADWEEK Magazine and 1998 Agency of the Year by both ADWEEK and Advertising Age Magazines.

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