The Bottle Box, provider of innovative and eco-chic food packages, announced that new jobs are being created in Southern California. Robert Mann Packaging (RMP) and Direct Pack Inc. (DPI) have collaborated and made recent investments in equipment to deliver 100 percent recycled post consumer PET plastic strawberry clamshells carrying the Bottle Box name. The FDA approved strawberry clamshells utilize a true bottle-to-box recycling process and the right team needs to be in place to bring those products to life.

Strawberry clamshells will be engineered and manufactured specifically for individual customers looking for custom packaging in the agricultural, food processing, supermarket/retailers, and foodservice segments.  DPI has a long-standing history of being agile in product engineering, proper tooling, and providing solutions for unique and custom packaging. Through the collaboration of RMP and DPI, the market will benefit from innovative food package designs, which will impact the industry in a positive way. The impacts range from cube saving for freight, unique positioning on the retail-selling floor, and the product’s sustainability. Options for product traceability through Yotta Mark and ADS Systems will also be offered.

Jobs have already been created to extrude, thermoform, and label the containers at the two facilities in Sun Valley and Salinas. Workers are being hired to manufacture the 100 percent recycled post consumer PET strawberry containers. Each clamshell will be embossed on the bottom with the number of 100 percent recycled PET 16.9 ounce bottles that were used to make the Bottle Box.

“This announcement is affirmation that our efforts to pioneer new earth friendly product where new jobs can be created and sustained are paying off,” says Craig Snedden, president of DPI. “We have worked vigorously to launch our product, and now we are eager to put the right people in place.”

“Kick-starting 2011 with an inventive eco-friendly product in the Bottle Box strawberry clamshell makes for an exciting year to come,” says John Mann, president of RMP. “Creating jobs in some of the hardest hit areas in Southern California is so rewarding as well.”

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