Electro Freeze, a division of H.C. Duke and Son LLC (Duke), introduced Sweet Choice featuring Fuzionate, the first fully-integrated frozen dessert machine to produce nine soft serve flavors. 

“Typical soft serve freezers dispense one or two flavors,” says Tom Hotard, president. “The Sweet Choice freezer featuring Fuzionate technology gives customers the ability to choose from nine flavors of frozen dessert from this single machine. The flavors aren’t just tipped on the edges, they are fully incorporated into every bite of the soft serve, delivering the highest quality customer experience.”  Electro Freeze will premiere Sweet Choice featuring Fuzionate at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago on May 17–20 in booth 4822.

“Product quality and operational efficiency objectives lead our engineering and development process,” Hotard says. “We want to give operators the technologically advanced equipment necessary to serve customers the best frozen desserts while increasing profits.”

Duke developed the first soft serve freezer for quick servesin 1946 and has a core understanding of food service establishments’ operational needs for productivity and business growth.

“Nine flavors of soft serve in a single freezer delivers valuable menu flexibility in a small footprint,” says Penny Klingler, VP of sales. “Operators are looking for ways to fit high-profit items into already-full restaurants or stores. Flavor change outs in Sweet Choice are simple, making system-wide [quick-serve] menu development for seasonal LTOs and regional flavor variety operationally efficient and profitable.”

The high-volume freezer does not require complicated attachments. “The Sweet Choice sleek, modern design looks great in the front of the house or behind the counter,” Klingler says. “The restaurant crew member or convenience store customer simply walks up to the Sweet Choice machine, selects one of eight flavors or vanilla, pulls down the lever and the Fuzionate technology dispenses smooth and creamy frozen yogurt, ice cream, or gelato with flavor incorporated into every bite.”