Elo, a global supplier of touchscreen solutions, has teamed up with Kitchen Armor, a manufacturer of stainless steel touchscreen enclosures, to enhance the back-end kitchen operations of Shake Shack’s 70-plus restaurant locations with Expo Screens. The new Kitchen Armor Expo Screens featuring Elo’s open frame touchscreens serve as the final execution point for Shake Shack food service teams, bringing all the components of every customer’s order together for final order fulfillment.

Shake Shack selected Elo’s 2293L open frame touchscreen, a 22-inch projected capacitive display featuring Elo’s TouchPro technology. The 2293L serves as the foundation for the Expo Screens’ ability to withstand the rigors of a heavy-use quick-serve restaurant kitchen environment. The Expo Screens are enclosed in Kitchen Armor’s gasket-sealed, stainless-steel bracketing for longevity, and configured to support gestures and a 10-point, multi-touch, tablet-like experience compatible for use with latex or cloth gloves.

“Speed is of the essence in our fast-paced, high-volume Shacks, and the new Expo Screens have enabled us to execute at a higher rate by reducing training time, increasing accuracy, and boosting overall guest satisfaction,” says Phil Crawford, vice president of information technology at Shake Shack. “Elo and Kitchen Armor have a stellar reputation in the quick-serve space and the support they provide is unparalleled.”

Elo’s PCAP touchscreens can be sealed into a frame or enclosure and obtain an IP65 rating on the front side of the unit. The Elo 2293L 22-inch open frame touchscreen being used in Shake Shack’s Expo Screens are sealed against dirt and dust, which simplifies integration into the final enclosure. With design and tooling controlled by Elo, long-lasting product availability and consistent form factor across multiple product generations of touchscreens are typically guaranteed.

“Our [quick-service restaurant] customers need an efficient kitchen line that consistently delivers a positive customer experience. Our commercial-grade digital touchscreens streamline operations and reduce the risk of manual errors while withstanding the rigors of high-traffic, multi-use environments,” says Craig Witsoe, CEO of Elo. “Partners like Kitchen Armor help us build unique solutions that meet the specific needs of customers like Shake Shack. Our open-frame touchscreen fitted into Kitchen Armor’s enclosure creates an ideal solution for high-volume kitchens.”

Kitchen Armor is deploying Elo’s space saving I-Series for Android all-in-one touchscreen computers also in restaurants, bars and kitchen environments where commercial durability is paramount. The Elo I-Series comes in 10-, 15- and 22-inch sizes with options for Android and Windows operating systems.

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