Espro announced it will collaborate with illy caffè, Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea, and its restaurant supply distributor Chicagoland Beverage to demonstrate the Espro Press tabletop coffee service for restaurants.  

The Espro Press is the first major technology update to the French Press in more than 40 years. Illy and Intelligentsia has supported the development of a service-ready process to elevate fine coffees at the restaurant tabletop.

The Espro Press is a full immersion brewer, without the grit of a traditional French Press. The difference is in the patent-pending ESPRO filtration system, which consists of a double filter that is nine to 12 times finer than other presses.

The stainless steel micro-filters allow the floating oils to seep into the cup, resulting in full-flavored, ultra-clean coffee without the grit.

Once pressed down, the two micro-filters sit side by side, creating a buffer separating the grinds from the brewed coffee, which reduces continued coffee extraction. The all stainless-steel construction is designed to withstand the abuse of the restaurant kitchen.

A double-walled vacuum stainless steel chamber holds precise brewing temperatures and keeps a full pot hot for more than two hours, while the outer surface remains cool to touch.

“We’ve witnessed the strong impact of the brand new Espro Press on the coffee industry, and are responding to the strong pull from the hotel and restaurant industry to help them elevate their coffee service,” says Bruce Constantine, president of Espro.” In the short year that the Espro Press has been available, it is already helping many Michelin Star and Zagat-rated restaurants serve much better coffee. We are seeing coffee menus mirror wine lists for the first time, and coffee pairings and coffee flight services that are elevating the concept of tabletop coffee service.”

Illy Caffe COO Barry Sheldon adds, “French press brewing method is a simple and easy way for our clients to serve illy coffee, but durability of the glass vessels and the inevitable grinds in the bottom of the cup are not ideal. We appreciate how the Espro Press removes these issues and allows you to just enjoy the superior flavors of our distinctive coffees.”

The Espro Press is available in three sizes: small 8-ounce (1 cup), medium 18-ounce (2 cups), and Large 32-ounce (4 cups). They are available through a network of global distributors.

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