Pizza Hut customers can now earn loyalty points for every dollar spent through the brand’s new loyalty program.

The new Hut Rewards program has unlimited points, so every dollar customers spend online goes toward free, unlimited topping pizza. The points-based program rewards two points for every $1 spent, which can be applied toward any free medium pizza at 200 points or any free large pizza at 250 points. To begin the program, Pizza Hut will offer double points on all purchases from August 17 through October 1.

“We’re launching it now because we think this is the perfect time to show customers that they can earn free pizza at Pizza Hut,” says Pizza Hut chief brand and concept officer Jeff Fox, adding that the brand saw differentiation from competitors with its unlimited points design. “With one transaction, a consumer can earn a free pizza. It doesn’t have to be six like at other places; every dollar counts.”

The Hut Rewards program comes as Yum! Brands invests in a $130 million transformation plan for the brand, which has seen sales decline as competitors Domino’s and Papa John’s post consistent sales improvement. Pizza Hut recently rolled out its new “Everyman” ad campaign, and a plan to bring in about 14,000 new delivery drivers by the end of this year.

“Loyalty is an important part of the transformation of the brand; we’ve been working on [the program] for over a year now,” Fox says. “We’d like to think loyalty is a part of no one out pizzaing the hut; we’d like to think that pizza delivered fast, on time, every time is part of no one out pizzaing the hut, and everything we do at pizza hut now and for the last 60 years has always been about giving people iconic pizzas hot and fast every time.”

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