The shift for consumers to order online throughout Covid-19 has resulted in the need to reach a growing customer base outside of a restaurant. Extreme Pizza’s tech-forward philosophy, entrepreneurial mindset, and 26+ years of restaurant resilience have created a success that many in the industry covet. While most startups go out of business in the first 4 years, Extreme Pizza continues to expand its locations with competitive franchise opportunities. With an outlook towards growth, Extreme Pizza is not afraid to pivot, implement new technologies to streamline business processes, and to always put customers first. “We are focused on being present and always open to all feedback, now more than ever,” says, Todd Parent, Founder and CEO of Extreme Pizza 

Extreme Pizza has built a hard-working team and a loyal customer base. Now, the company has recently partnered with two solution-based companies, Ovation and Marqii, to alleviate the pandemic strain and improve its online presence and digital customer experiences. 

With the launch of Extreme Pizza’s new Extreme Greens salad rollout, these partnerships have formed at the perfect time. Introducing an entirely new salads menu: made-to-order and create-your-own with freshly prepared toppings, needs a serious marketing strategy focusing on an awareness push to web-based customers. 

Extreme Pizza’s partnership with Ovation has allowed the company to easily resolve guest concerns in real-time, get more 5-star reviews, discover insights to improve, and drive revenue. Ovations’s full and frictionless integration with Hungerrush, Extreme Pizza’s online ordering platform, has seamlessly connected the customer database and loyalty program with instantaneous guest feedback and immediate company responses. 

Extreme Pizza’s choice to use Ovation’s 2-question SMS-based survey as a “digital table touch” has redefined their guest feedback and has boosted customer experience as well as online reviews. “The number one thing guests want to feel when they give feedback is heard,” says Zack Oates, Founder and CEO of Ovation. “91% of consumers feel satisfied if their feedback is handled promptly and personally–and that is exactly what we enable guest-centric brands like Extreme Pizza to do–all while getting more 5-star reviews.” 

Extreme Pizza’s collaboration with Marqii has also grown the company’s online presence. With a focus on location data, menu accuracy and reputation management, Marqii has removed the challenge of trying to manage the countless entry points for customers. With a few clicks Extreme Pizza can now update location, menus and restaurant-specific data to customers and plans to roll this out to the 40+ locations everywhere consumers find Extreme Pizza online. In the same dashboard, Extreme Pizza can receive and respond to customer reviews in real time. All of this has resulted in an increase in “Pizza near me” searches and an overall improved customer experience.

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