Farmer Boys, the farm fresh fast casual concept known for its award-winning burgers and exceptional service, has launched its new Bourbon Bacon Cheddarburger at all California restaurants. Adding to its lineup of high-quality, cooked-to-order cheeseburgers, the farm fresh fast casual has partnered with farmer-owned co-op, Tillamook, to create the new cheddarburger featuring Tillamook’s medium cheddar cheese. The Bourbon Bacon Cheddarburger is available now at all Farmer Boys locations in California through November 9, 2020.

The Bourbon Bacon Cheddarburger can be enjoyed as a double (1/2 pound) or a single (1/4 pound) cheddarburger, featuring 100% USDA beef patties topped with two slices of Tillamook medium cheddar cheese, double-smoked bacon, scratch-made crispy onion straws, and a smoky bourbon barbecue sauce, all on a locally-baked onion bun.

“Our Farmer Boys fans know that we can make a great cheeseburger, but we wanted to take it up a notch by creating not just another cheeseburger – but a cheddarburger – made with the highest quality cheddar cheese from Tillamook,” says Larry Rusinko, vice president and chief marketing officer of Farmer Boys. “We’re proud to partner with Tillamook, a brand that aligns with our mission to serve high-quality, farm fresh ingredients to our guests.”

For nearly 40 years, Farmer Boys has prided itself in offering high quality, farm fresh food that’s cooked to order and served in a comfortable environment by friendly, attentive team members. Farmer Boys’ menu consists of award-winning burgers, cooked-to-order breakfast served all day, hand-chopped salads, specialty sandwiches, signature sides, and more. Produce is delivered fresh and whole to each restaurant every morning, meaning it doesn’t sit in a warehouse for weeks and can be enjoyed at its pinnacle of crispness and flavor. By going the extra mile for delicious, flavorful food, Farmer Boys’ guests can count on fresh, cooked-to-order meals every time they visit.

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