Fazoli’s, known for fast, fresh Italian food, is launching a revolution against high restaurant prices that will have guests around the country chanting, “Let them eat spaghetti!”

To fuel the protest, the 264-unit quick service chain is giving away more than two million pounds of spaghetti starting January 5.

Join the revolution, and learn how to get free spaghetti at www.freespaghetti.com.

“With unpopular corporate bail outs, a steady stream of bad economic news and food prices going up, we decided it’s high time somebody gave American consumers a way to protest,” said Carl Howard, Fazoli’s president and CEO. “So we created an Italian revolution that is fun and gives guests what they really need right now—a break from all the anxiety, and free spaghetti.”

After signing up at www.freespaghetti.com, consumers can download coupons for free spaghetti. There is a different offer each week for six weeks.

Fazoli’s expects to give away an estimated 2.7 million pounds of free spaghetti.

But that’s just part of the revolution. Site visitors can throw tomatoes at friends and family via e-mail, and they can view a fun YouTube video. The revolution also includes a Facebook page. Outside Fazoli’s restaurants, guests will find humorous picket signs. And don’t be surprised if you find a smashed tomato, in the form of a sticker with a coupon, under your windshield wiper.

“Throughout history, revolutions have been led by smart people with good ideas,” said Howard. “Fazoli’s guests are savvy diners who know they can get it all at Fazoli’s—fast service, fresh food, big flavors, good quality, variety and great prices, all in a fun, friendly environment. That’s why they are joining the revolution and protesting the high prices other restaurants charge.”

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