Follett Corporation announced the release of its newly redesigned Symphony Plus ice and water dispensers and Maestro Plus ice machines on Monday. While maintaining the performance and reliability of the Symphony and Maestro product lines, Symphony Plus dispensers and Maestro Plus ice machines represent the next step in Follett’s ongoing efforts to meet the demanding needs of the healthcare and foodservice markets with solutions that provide sanitation, serviceability, sustainability, and overall low life cycle costs.

Key among the many technical and performance improvements to Follett’s dispensers include automatic self-flushing to remove impurities from the water supply after every hour of ice making, semi-automatic cleaning and sanitizing to reduce service times by 50-75 percent, QuietNight sleep mode to reduce noisy compressor starts and contribute to a more peaceful environment, and a patent pending drain system to better evacuate melted ice and water from the dispenser.

“Offering the broadest line of ice and water dispensers in the industry, Follett has been the leader in ice and water dispensers for the healthcare market for over 35 years and has developed a significant position in the employee refreshment market,” says CEO Steve Follett. “These improvements demonstrate our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, something our customers expect from the market leader.

“Not only will the introduction of automatic self-flushing, additional antimicrobial treatment, and a patent pending drain system advance Symphony Plus to the next level of performance and sanitation, the new, semi-automatic cleaning and sanitizing process will reduce service times by 50 percent or more, a major win for overtaxed maintenance staffs.”

All Symphony Plus and Maestro Plus machines feature Follett’s proprietary Chewblet ice, a chewable nugget that consumers prefer for both patient care and fountain beverages. “We’re excited about this great addition to our Chewblet ice family of products,” says Follett. Follett Corporation has been manufacturing ice and water dispensers featuring chewable ice since the early 1970s and has been manufacturing ice machines that produce chewable ice for almost 35 years following its acquisition of the rights to the Borg-Warner/York patent for nugget ice technology in 1977.

With its highly efficient refrigeration and water systems, Symphony Plus dispensers and Maestro Plus ice machines meet the stringent CEE Tier 2 standards for energy efficiency and offer up to a 40 percent reduction in water consumption compared to cube-type ice machines.

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