Frios Gourmet Pops, the tie-dye for frozen dessert franchise with a fleet of colorful mobile vans, also referred to as “Frios Sweet Rides”, across the U.S., has announced a recently signed franchise agreement to roll out a new “Frios Sweet Ride” in West Valley with local residents and entrepreneurs, Stephanie and Robert Tipton. The new venture will introduce happiness on a stick to community members in the Greater Phoenix area through the Tipton’s mobile frios location, delivering sticky fingers and a reminder for guests to slow down and enjoy the magic in every day through a Frios pop.

The couple is planning to unveil the new “Frios Sweet Ride” in the summer of 2022 and will serve customers throughout Maricopa County and the surrounding area. Upon the opening, frios fans will also have the chance to book a “Frios Sweet Ride” to crash their parties and celebrations, such as weddings, birthdays, community gatherings and more.

“Frios offers a frozen dessert experience like no other, and we are honored to be the first Happiness Hustlers to share that with our friends and neighbors in West Valley,” says Stephanie, who is an active duty servicewoman along with her husband. “No matter your age, background or environment, one taste of a Frios pop can immediately transport you to a nostalgic place, reminding you of the sweet memories of childhood and igniting that same feeling of excitement you had as a kid hearing the ice cream truck down the street. I know our community will absolutely love what we have to offer, and I’m excited to bring this experience to the Phoenix metropolitan area and serve our community along the way.”

With its mission to sell happiness on a stick, Frios’ commitment to giving back to local communities stands at the forefront of the brand’s values. Each Frios owner, also known as a Happiness Hustler, pledges to donate and contribute to a local charitable partner upon rolling out a new “Frios Sweet Ride”. In addition to the company’s already established, nationwide philanthropy partnerships, the Tiptons will also carry the tradition to lead goodwill initiatives in the West Valley and Phoenix communities.

Driven by the mission to slow the heck down and feel the magic in every day, Frios Gourmet Pops offers tasty frozen desserts of all types, including creamy and fruity flavors, and pops for those looking for low sugar, dairy free, wheat free, soy free, nut free and dye free options.

Frios elicits magical moments of pause, nostalgia, and reminders of what brings people happiness. The dessert on a stick harnesses the ability to spark an instance where individuals can stop and relish in their moment of joy, no matter the environment. Offered in a wide variety of flavors, Frios are made with quality ingredients and real fruit, empowering customers of all tastes to enjoy a Frios and reminisce in the carefree days of childhood.

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