Frontline International, a leading provider of Smart Oil Management systems for waste oil, oil filtration, and fresh oil, offers the economical Caddy System, for situations when it is not feasible or cost-restrictive to plumb a direct line from the fryer to the waste oil containment tank.

The waste cooking oil can be safely and effectively drained into the stainless steel transport caddy, which can then be easily wheeled to a Frontline remote pump station—no oil spills or messy oil on hands. Then, the waste oil is similarly pumped into the Frontline containment tank for later collection.

The Frontline Caddy System is less expensive than direct plumbed or pump station systems, but the system can be upgraded at any time to a fully automated system, further reducing labor and costs. Caddies roll on wheels and are easy to push, with no heavy or dangerous buckets to tote.

A Frontline Caddy System helps keep restaurant grounds cleaner and helps storeowners avoid pollution fines. And Frontline Caddy systems are green equipment that supports the recycling of waste cooking oil into renewable fuels.

Frontline Caddies are available to work with standard, remote, or outside systems. All Frontline Caddies also work with the Frontline Grill Grease System.

When you want to reduce your fresh oil expenses, you can immediately return your cooking oil to service using transport caddies by Frontline.

They can easily be converted to operate as quick and efficient heavy-duty filtration systems with a variety of filter media options that extend the life and quality of your cooking oil, saving you money and helping you maintain a clean supply.

Use the Frontline Caddies with any commercial fryer to help you get the most value from your cooking oil without compromising food quality.

The caddy system also filters waste oil prior to its flow into waste containment tanks, increasing the grade value of this commodity, thus increasing the rebate that restaurants can reap from reclamation companies.

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