Denver-based Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, a Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant concept, unveils its new brand identity, Garbanzo Fresh Mediterranean. The new brand emphasizes the fresh, vibrant food and culture found in Garbanzo locations across the country.

“The new brand is one aspect of a larger strategic plan to modernize Garbanzo,” says Bob Bafundo, the president of Garbanzo Fresh Mediterranean. “We are building on the success of the past eight years and will continue to provide our guests the very best. The logo and brand were updated to match the vibrant and bold flavors that are synonymous with the food and culture at Garbanzo Fresh Mediterranean.”

The new logo, evocative of a Mediterranean mosaic, is a bold new take on the previous Garbanzo logo, which represented the company for eight years. The colors within the mosaic are reflected in the interior design renovations. Two Colorado locations, 16th Street and Glendale, have been updated with the new interior look. More renovations are planned for Colorado locations and eventually other franchise markets.

The launch of the updated logo and new brand identity was developed in collaboration with Brand Iron, a Denver-based branding and marketing agency. Brand Iron is currently manage all marketing strategies and initiatives, advertising, and social media for Garbanzo.

“We are very excited about the new Garbanzo brand, and our commitment to high quality food and service remain our highest priorities,” Bafundo says. “We are dedicated to providing every guest with a healthy, fresh meal they can customize. Garbanzo is proud to serve meals that are naturally wholesome and heart healthy.”

In addition to the new brand, Garbanzo is placing a greater emphasis on cooking fresh food using traditional Mediterranean methods. Every Garbanzo restaurant uses a traditional gyro cone and new protein seasonings, popular throughout the Mediterranean, to create the vibrant flavors customary to that region. Garbanzo has also increased their speed of service by simplifying the menu and servicing only guest favorites.

The new Garbanzo website was launched in conjunction with the new brand roll out. The website features a renewed focus on user experience and imagery. The focus on user experience is also found in the revitalized ordering platform.

Garbanzo offers guests a variety of authentic Mediterranean items with an emphasis on flavor, freshness, and quality, as well as a healthy menu. Guests have the ability to customize every meal with items such as pita, falafel, hummus, seasoned rice, sauces, and dressings. 

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