Gyroville has signed its newest franchisee, Edward Torres, who recently signed a lease for his first location in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Torres believes his many years of experience in finance will translate to success in running his new restaurant. With an acute understanding of numbers, he has already demonstrated that he understands what it takes to succeed in the restaurant business.  His plans are to open his initial location in the Heights area and then continue to help grow the brand throughout Greater Houston.

Gyroville has been making an aggressive push to expand its base into the Texas market for the last six months. With this first location in Houston, the Gyroville team anticipates signing five more franchisees in the Houston area over the next six months, while working to continue expansion into the Dallas/Ft. Worth area as the next logical step. Mr. Torres plans to “build a foundation with the Gyroville team that lays the groundwork for future success in the Houston metro area,” says Lambros Kokkinelis, founder and CEO of Gyroville.

“I first came across Gyroville on one of my many visits to South Florida,” says Mr. Torres. He continues by saying “my wife grew up in South Florida and has become quite familiar with the brand. We are confident that this customizable concept will have great success in our home state of Texas.”  

“We are super excited that Edward has decided to join our brand as our first franchisee in the Lone Star state,” says Lambros Kokkinelis. “He has already demonstrated his commitment to the brand and his clear understanding of what it will take to succeed in this business. We are confident that we have chosen the best possible candidate to lead our brand westward into Texas.”  

Gyroville continues to seek multi-unit operators and owner-operators to bring the brand to new markets, targeting the Southeastern part of the country and Texas. The company expects to open another 2-3 locations by the end of 2021, along with adding five more signed franchise agreements during the next twelve months to continue its steady growth throughout the United States.

“This newest location in Houston enables us to put our footprint in the Lone Star state so we can continue our nationwide expansion. Now is the time for other candidates in Texas to become franchisees so we can open multiple locations at the same time. We have worked really hard to establish our brand over the last eleven years and this next step is the opportunity we have been preparing for,” says Lambros Kokkinelis.

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