Hardee’s Frisco Thickburger was introduced yesterday, two years after the original “Frisco Burger” was retired following the introduction of Hardee’s line of Thickburgers.

“The original Frisco Burger was one of Hardee’s most popular menu items in its day,” says Brad Haley, executive vice president of marketing for Hardee’s. “It had a great taste, combining the flavors of buttered and grilled sourdough bread, bacon, Swiss cheese, tomato, and a unique onion-flavored mayonnaise that people craved. We even went back to our original mayonnaise supplier from the early ‘90s to make sure that we exactly matched that memorable taste the ‘onion-mayo’ provided. But, now that it’s been reincarnated as a Thickburger, it’s better than ever because we’re making it with a 1/3-pound, charbroiled Angus beef patty. People who loved this burger before are going to be blown away by the new Frisco Thickburger.”

The Frisco Thickburger is patterned after the original Frisco Burger build, including two slices of Swiss cheese, two strips of crispy bacon, and sliced fresh tomato, all on buttered and grilled sourdough bread spread with onion-flavored mayo.

Bringing the number of Thickburgers in the lineup to 10, the Frisco Thickburger is the third “classic” Hardee’s burger to return to the menu following numerous customer requests.

Previously, the chain reintroduced the Mushroom and Swiss Thickburger and the aptly named Monster Thickburger. Available at all Hardee’s locations, the Frisco Thickburger sells for a suggested price of $3.59 by itself, or $5.29 for a combo meal including fries and a drink. Prices may vary at franchised locations.

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