Hardee’s announced the addition of the Strawberry Biscuit to its breakfast menu.

“After our Blueberry Biscuits proved to be so popular with our customers last year, we began working on other fruit-filled biscuits to have ready for this summer, and the Strawberry Biscuit was the runaway favorite,” says Brad Haley, executive vice-president of marketing. “To this day, we have guests begging us to bring back the Blueberry Biscuits, but the new Strawberry Biscuit, with sliced strawberries in strawberry syrup ladled onto a made from scratch buttermilk biscuit and drizzled with icing, should satisfy their cravings. And, if they need even more of a strawberry fix, they can order one of our latest hand-scooped ice cream shake flavors, the Strawberry Banana Smoothie, for lunch or dinner.”

The Strawberry Biscuit is sold individually, or in two- or six-pack boxes for $0.99, $1.59, and $3.59, respectively. It can also be purchased in a small combo, featuring hash rounds and a small coffee, juice, or drink for $2.59.

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