HM Electronics, Inc. is proud to introduce its new ION IQ AIO Headset, the smallest headset of its kind every made for the drive-thru market, now available for QSRs worldwide.

Less than half the size of any competitor, this compact, lightweight headset brings unparalleled balance and comfort to drive-thru users. Its unique, all-on-one-side design means fewer moving parts, for greater reliability. Its construction with cast parts will mean even greater durability over time.

“We challenged our people to think small from the moment this headset was conceived,” says Daren Haas, HME VP of marketing and new business development. “This product definitely has the wow factor.”

The new ION IQ AIO features a highly directional microphone that isolates sound better and delivers crystal clear clarity to customers in the drive thru. Its range expands beyond current drive-thru headsets to reach out into far areas of the parking lot and resist interference from stainless steel walk-in coolers, counters, and equipment.

“This is the ultimate package in a drive-thru headset,” Haas says.

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