With the number of international quick-service restaurants growing at a rapid pace, the need for multi-language drive-thru equipment continues to increase.

To meet this growing global demand, HM Electronics, Inc. (HME) introduces the French version of its ZOOM Drive-Thru Timer System. For the first time, non-English speaking restaurants can enjoy the benefits of this industry-leading product.

“Regardless of the country or language being spoken, customers want fast, accurate service,” says Daren Haas, vice president of marketing and new business development at HME. “The ZOOMgives restaurant managers and staff a real-time picture of their drive-thru operation in their own language so they can identify bottlenecks and take immediate action to deliver better service.”

The ZOOM offers a number of high-tech features that make managing a drive-thru lane easier than ever. These include an intuitive, multicolor dashboard display, powerful graphics, and network accessibility for restaurants with multiple locations.

In addition, flexible reporting features enable managers to identify trends, anticipate and resolve problems, and motivate employees to deliver a faster, more enjoyable drive-thru dining experience.

“Whether at home or abroad, our mission is to provide quick-service restaurants with the tools they need to improve customer service and increase profits,” Haas says. “Making the ZOOM available in French is part of following through on that mission. We look forward to releasing ZOOM in more languages in the near future.”

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