HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications announced the launch of its all-new video detection, a breakthrough restaurant technology that seamlessly expands drive-thru visibility. Video detection leverages computer vision and  integrates with existing ZOOM Nitro timers and loop detectors to deliver the industry’s first hybrid solution for guest tracking, providing a complete view of drive-thru operations from  parking lot entry to exit. The new camera-based technology enables operators to easily maximize tracking to include specific areas, like the pre-menu and mobile pickup areas, for a more accurate  representation of service times and a greater understanding of how to improve the total customer  experience. 

“When the number of cars in the queue increases, the potential for drive-offs and lost business  increases,” says Brianna Martin, Product Manager at HME Hospitality & Specialty  Communications. “The order point can too easily become a bottleneck, making the pre-menu  area a high-risk zone for drive-offs. When we bring awareness to all areas of the drive-thru, we  empower crews with the information they need to take action and dramatically improve their  drive-thru performance.” 

ZOOM Nitro is an in-store diagnostic system that helps managers identify and solve drive-thru  service issues in real time. Restaurants can seamlessly add HME’s video detection to ZOOM  Nitro timer systems already in place, enabling video detection and loop detectors to work  together, expanding the timer’s visibility, and enhancing awareness to key areas of the operation. 

Video detection tracks and measures experience times well before customers reach the menu  board, in wait areas, and at curbside and mobile order pickup locations. This means operators can gather actionable insight for their entire operation to maximize car counts and better manage high traffic volumes. 

“HME product development continues to make significant investments in artificial intelligence,  computer vision, and adjacent technologies,” says Erik Vlugt, Vice President of Product  Management at HME. “Customers are benefiting from this commitment to innovation without  needing to replace their existing ZOOM Nitro timer, instead simply expanding the system to  serve their customers even more efficiently.” 

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