Hot Dog on a Stick announced the reopening of its original Muscle Beach location in Santa Monica, CA. For the last several months, the famous landmark underwent renovations to carry the iconic location forward for the next 75 years. Rather than squeeze out a celebration before year-end, Hot Dog on a Stick Muscle Beach will host a sweet grand opening party in April of 2023, the anniversary month of the brand.

“We are thrilled to officially open our doors again to our loyal fans,” says Jenn Johnston, President of FAT Brands’ Quick-Service Division. “Hot Dog on a Stick Muscle Beach put us on the map and was key in defining our overall brand experience, which has made us so special for all these years. While guests will take notice of our new look; we worked diligently to ensure the location didn’t lose its nostalgia.”

The first Hot Dog on a Stick opened in 1946 in sunny Santa Monica, CA, situated on the famous Muscle Beach. Initially, a food stand, the brand known for its trademark colors of red, white, and blue, with a splash of lemonade, has since grown into a cultural phenomenon with over 50 locations throughout the U.S. Greeted by smiling Hotdoggers, customers can enjoy fresh, hand-stomped lemonade and made-to-order hot dog on a stick and cheese on a stick products.

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