Fast-growing HyperActive Technologies announced that Mark Groesbeckjoined the company as eastern regional sales manager. In this role, he will provide advanced drive-thru and kitchen management solutions for the restaurant industry, says Dan Villas, vice president of sales at HyperActive Technologies.

Groesbeckhas served the restaurant market for more than 20 years in a variety of leading sales and account management positions, including most recently for Detroit-based MIST Innovations, where he successfully developed a comprehensive dealer distribution network to drive market entry for new products.

At HyperActive Technologies, Groesbeck will work with the company’s dealer network and also with the leading restaurant brands to ensure their adoption of HyperActive Technologies’ drive-thru products.

The company’s product suite includes:

·      HyperView, an order confirmation display (OCD);

·      HyperViewPE, which makes use of a single CAT5e cable for power supply and is ideal for use in rugged outdoor weather conditions;

·      DriveTime Cloud product, a drive-thru system that harnesses the benefits of cloud computing technology to monitor, collect, and report critical performance data;

·      QTimer, a drive-thru management system.

Villas says HyperActive Technologies is rapidly growing because it provides the most affordable and reliable drive-thru management systems in the quick-service industry—delivering OCDs, drive-thru management systems, and enterprise reporting software that provide the highest lifetime value to help operators increase throughput and decrease cost.

“Our new products, such as HyperViewPE and DriveTime Cloud, are the most advanced and most reliable on the market, delivering the highest lifetime value and lowest cost of ownership for restaurant operators,” Villas says. “Mark’s addition to our team is indicative of the company’s commitment to having the industry’s best talent represent the industry’s most intelligent drive-thru tools, which help current and new clients improve their speed of service and profitability.”

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