The ICEE Company announced the new 5-calorie-per-ounce ICEE. The new flavor has 33 percent less calories than the original ICEE, which qualifies as light.

A 12-fluid-ounce serving of ICEE “5 calorie per ounce” is 60 calories, compared to 95 calories for 12 ounces of original ICEE. The “5 calorie per ounce” makes it easy for consumers to calculate caloric content.

“Flavor blends are a hot trend, and Strawberry Lemonade has been a popular summertime flavor in the past,” says Dan Fachner, president of The ICEE Company. “We have received many requests for a lower-calorie version of ICEE, and we are excited to meet those requests with this great-tasting flavor.”

As this year’s summertime promotional flavor, 5-calorie Strawberry Lemonade will be featured in all Target stores across the country.

The ICEE Company is a subsidiary of J&J Snack Foods Corpand operates branch offices throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

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