ItsaCheckmate, a leading restaurant ordering solutions provider, announced its new enterprise-grade digital menu management solution today. This solution introduces a comprehensive suite of tools, including an advanced catalog system, customizable menu templates, and dynamic availability grids, designed to empower restaurants to manage their online presence with precision and flexibility.

Previously, restaurants were hampered by limitations and connectivity issues that deterred brands from testing or implementing new digital solutions. As menus have become more complex and brands add more locations, managing every item, modifier, and customization adds a lot of manual work, and ultimately, daily operations are more challenging than they should be.

It became clear that restaurant operators needed a tool to quickly publish menu updates, manage channels, schedule LTOs, and execute other ongoing tasks. Before this, there wasn’t a solution that gave users granular control or visibility and oversight into restaurant operations.

Today, that all changes.

Key features:

●  Comprehensive catalog system: A sophisticated layer above the POS where

brands can customize digital-specific menu configurations without altering the original menu setup in the POS. Upon receiving an order, the system automatically reverts the item to its original form for the POS, ensuring a smooth and accurate order process.

●  Customizable menu templates: Brands get the ultimate flexibility to create distinct menus for different locations or channels like first-party, third-party, kiosks, catering, and drive-thrus. The solution simplifies menu differentiation, making it straightforward for all users.

●  Dynamic availability and pricing grids: A visual board where brands can easily adjust and schedule menu offerings across channels and locations in real time based on inventory, time of day, and other criteria, significantly improving operational efficiency. Similar to availability, pricing grids offer a comprehensive view of item and modifier prices by state, region, or location, complete with comparison tools for auditing discrepancies.

Transformative benefits:

●  Efficiency and independence: While ItsaCheckmate will continue to set up complex digital menus for customers, it enables brands to update their menus directly if preferred. This release still gives restaurants access to expert support, but now, the option to have more control and autonomy exists.

●  Optimized revenue: Using the ability to tailor menus specifically for digital channels, brands can drive more revenue and improve ROI by optimizing item layouts to improve conversion rates by channel.

●  Built to scale: Restaurants can now access quick menu availability, pricing grids, and bulk updates through a user-friendly menu designer and index board. This provides the transparency needed for large-scale menu and price management.

Vishal Agarwal, CEO and Founder of ItsaCheckmate added, “This is a brand new development, built from the ground up to empower enterprise restaurants to take full advantage of all the digital channels available today. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about empowering restaurant brands to scale their operations without the constraints of traditional POS and menu management systems.”

This update was built in close partnership with ItsaCheckmate’s largest customers. The collaborative effort ensures it’s designed to fully meet the needs of restaurants and address their real-world challenges.

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