ItsaCheckmate, a leading restaurant ordering solutions provider, unveiled its new Kiosk solution, engineered to enhance the visual and operational standards of kiosks in the restaurant industry. This release marks a significant step forward, addressing common user experience and branding limitations found in other offerings.

Many of the market’s existing kiosk solutions force brands to compromise on user experience and design, with generic aesthetics and restricted menu interfaces. ItsaCheckmate’s new Kiosk solution redefines these standards, ensuring that every customer touchpoint is a perfect reflection of the restaurant’s identity.

Key benefits

Precision branding: Displays true-to-brand aesthetics, maintaining consistency in brand identity across all customer touchpoints.

Advanced menu customization: Enables advanced control and flexibility over menu layouts and options, enhancing the ordering process and catering to specific customer preferences.

More revenue opportunities: With AI-driven upsell recommendations and personalized customer engagement, ItsaCheckmate kiosks are designed to boost order values and improve conversion rates.

Seamless integration: The Kiosk solution integrates effortlessly with existing POS systems and supports offline functionality to ensure reliable performance under all conditions. Brands can choose from a range of hardware configurations to suit various operational needs, including wall-mounted, tabletop, or freestanding installations.

Dedicated support: From pre-installation surveys to professional installation and continuous  support, ItsaCheckmate ensures a seamless transition and ongoing assistance, underpinned by extensive warranties and a commitment to operational excellence.

Inclusive pricing: With pricing designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, the new kiosk solution offers a range of investment levels with support for multiple payment processors to help reduce credit card fees without profiting from payment transactions.

“This isn’t just about technology. It’s about crafting in-store experiences that resonate with brands and their customers every time they order. Our Kiosk solution lets each brand’s unique visual identity shine through at every interaction with the ability to customize the experience and drive repeat business,” says JC Harrington, ItsaCheckmate’s VP of Direct Ordering.

With decades of combined expertise in the restaurant software and hardware industry, ItsaCheckmate brings a legacy of rigorous design testing, validation, and optimization to every product, allowing brands to elevate their customer service and operational efficiency rapidly and reliably. 

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