Darryl Gaddis, owner of Jaws Jumbo Burgers in Ocala, Florida, states that, “Some states want to make the minimum wage $15–$20 an hour. The government is paying people to stay home with Universal Basic Income Programs and Lifetime Unemployment Benefits. Restaurant jobs are starter jobs for high school and college students.”

“Keep in mind these people have no restaurant work experience and are totally useless until trained. Restaurant jobs are not career jobs to take care of a family unless you are in management or a server at a high-end restaurant. The people who are proposing the $15-$20 an hour minimum wage do not own a business. They work for the government, are parasites on the taxpayer’s money, and do not care about the consequences of their insane actions.”

“If the minimum wage is $15-$20 an hour, how much will a combo meal cost? Combo meals would cost between $30-$40 for a single person. If you own a restaurant today, finding experienced labor and people who want to work is almost impossible. In order to solve my labor problems and expand Jaws Jumbo Burgers nationwide,” Gaddis says, “I’ve decided to make it an Employee/Membership Owned Co-op Corporation.”

Employees will share 30% shared ownership and profits of all new Jaws Jumbo Burgers restaurants nationwide.

Jaws Jumbo Burgers Employee/Membership Co-op Program is only for Employees and members who want to join and participate. Employees can work at Jaws Jumbo Burgers without joining the Co-op Program. The Employee/Membership Co-op Program is a membership program with a one-time joining fee of $1500.00 and $150.00 monthly dues.

“If I give my employees 30% shared ownership of my company and the profits, I don’t have pay outrages hourly minimum wages because they are owners. The Co-op Employees will come to work because the more money I make, the more money they make, they get a 10% discount card and a profit check every 4th quarter. The Co-op Members will encourage their family members and children to work at the restaurants to protect their financial interest,” says Gaddis.

Co-op Corporations are very big in Europe and nonexistent in the United States. Co-op Corporations are very profitable for employees/members because they create multiple streams of income and build wealth for the employees and members.

“What makes JAWS Jumbo Burgers Employee/Membership Co-op different from other Co-op programs? The Employees/Members are actually real owners in the company. They also get a written contract stating they get 30% shared profits and Ownership in the company, not stock.”

“You do not have to be an employee to join the Ownership Co-op.”

“The bigger the Co-op Corporation the more money the Employee/Member Co-op makes.”

“My plan is to open 50-100 restaurants in Florida using the Employee/Membership Owned Co-op System. My end goal is to sell Jaws Jumbo Burgers License Partnership Agreements at Nationwide Franchise Shows. I think Co-op Corporations are the wave of the future and will solve future labor problems.”

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