Branch, the leading workforce payments platform, announced it has partnered with over 500 Jimmy John’s locations to provide faster, streamlined payments of tips to their workers and other fee-free financial services at no cost to owners or employees. With Branch, Jimmy John’s franchises can make digital payments of tips and mileage reimbursements to workers right after each shift, saving additional administrative time and costs.

As the pandemic dramatically shifted the availability of cash, Branch has seamlessly integrated with Jimmy John’s enterprise-wide PDQ POS system from PDQ Signature Systems to offer franchises seamless, automated funding of drivers’ tips and mileage. Owners and managers no longer have to make burdensome trips to procure additional cash or delay tip payments due to a shortage of cash. Instead, they can instantly pay employees wages, tips, and mileage onto the Branch digital wallet and debit card, without requiring pre-funding, cash reserves, or changes to payroll. Employees have fast, easy access to their funds with the option to spend using the Branch debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay or transfer funds to another account.  

Jimmy John’s franchise groups such as Blue Boiler Cats, Fox Companies, and Submasters have already adopted the solution with great ease and success. “I tested three vendors to help me manage the amount of cash handling at my restaurants, and Branch was clearly the best option,” said Ted Louis, managing partner at Jimmy John’s franchise Submasters. “Since it’s the only platform that integrated with our POS system, setup was easy, and there was no cost to me or my workers. Plus, Branch offers benefits for employees and helps with banking needs.”

“Branch has saved us a lot of time and hassle — we no longer have to run around to stores and bring cash anymore,” says Molly Dobbins, Operations Manager for Fox Companies. “It’s even easier to update information and make quick payouts to workers without delay. And our employees don’t have to carry cash around anymore, it’s all just in one place. It’s been a great partnership and I’m really glad we’ve made this transition.” 

Along with cashless tips, franchises can provide other helpful cash flow management tools to employees through Branch. Backed by an Evolve Bank & Trust FDIC-insured checking account, Branch’s digital wallet offers employees, including minors, a fee-free banking option so workers can not only have a direct deposit option on day one, but also eliminate unnecessary banking fees. Additional financial wellness tools include free, instant earned wage access, cash flow overview, personalized insights based on spending and deposits within the Branch Wallet, and personal finance resource center.  

“Across franchises and locations, Jimmy John’s teams are consistently known for their fast, reliable delivery experience,” says Jeremy Langness, Director of Partnerships at Branch. “We’re thrilled to partner with franchises to extend that same speed and consistency to their own workforce by providing fast, flexible payments and other compelling personal finance tools to employees.”    

Branch is available to Jimmy John’s franchises and locations across the United States.

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