The KFC Double Down is going to remain on the KFC menu past May 23, when the “Limited Time Only” promotion for KFC’s first-ever bunless chicken sandwich was scheduled to end.

While the launch of the unique Double Down created unprecedented buzz for the brand, it also received a warm reception from KFC customers. Later this month, KFC will sell its 10 millionth Double Down. As a result of this continuing demand, Double Down fans will be able to keep enjoying the sandwich for an extended time period at participating KFC locations.

“This is truly an example of ‘popular demand,’” says Javier Benito, executive vice president of marketing and food innovation for KFC. “Our plans were to feature the product only through May 23, but millions of Double Down fans have spoken and we won’t disappoint them. You’ll continue to be able to get the Double Down at KFC this summer.”

The one-of-a-kind Double Down features two boneless white meat chicken filets (Original Recipe or Grilled), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese, and Colonel’s Sauce. And no bun, of course.

Even before the product was officially introduced on April 12, public and media interest in the Double Down reached a fever pitch. Once the Double Down hit the market, it quickly became an online sensation, with Double Down fans blogging and posting videos and photos of themselves enjoying the product.

“We’ve really never seen anything like it,” Benito says. “From real-time Twitter reviews and YouTube videos of people eating the sandwich to Facebook fan pages and Flickr photo albums, the Double Down has become a social media sensation.”

The Double Down contains 540 calories, similar numbers to many of the burgers available at fast food restaurants today. The Double Down is also available in a grilled version, which checks in at 460 calories. For fat, cholesterol, sodium and other nutritional content for the Double Down or other KFC products, visit

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