Though the low-carb craze has settled down a bit, Denver-based LaMar’s donuts has done something interesting — they’ve rolled out a low-carb donut with 15 grams of net carbs. Net carbs are total carbs minus dietary fiber and sugar alcohols.

Dubbed the “Fifteener,” the donut debuted in all LaMar’s Donuts locations
in early November with a suggested retail price of $1.19. Based on blind
taste tests conducted by the company, LaMar’s decided to make the donut
square to make it easier to identify. “When developing the product, the
low-carb donuts were round in shape and inadvertently mistaken for the
original glazed donut,” says LaMar’s CEO Anthony Bonelli. “Before we knew
it, customers requesting glazed donuts received the low-carb version — they
couldn¹t tell the difference and neither could we.”

Why a low-carb donut now?

“Nobody knows if the low-carb craze is a fad or if it is a trend that is
here to stay,” says Bonelli. “Either way, the Fifteener is a tasty option
for the carb-conscious and not-so-carb-conscious donut lover alike.”

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