June 25 is now National Leon Day. This holiday is six months away from Christmas Day aka Noel. In the spirit of giving, LEON, a pioneer of “Naturally Fast Food” will give away free meals to all guests, Leon, Leona, Noel, Noelle or anything vaguely similar.

This marks the first National Leon Day in the U.S. for LEON, as the first American location opened in September 2018. The team looks forward to celebrating at six locations in 2020.

The company has 64 locations in the U.K., Norway, the Netherlands, Gran Canaria and Ireland. LEON is led by co-founder and CEO John Vincent and is backed by two principal investors including Brazil-based GP Investments, a leading global private equity fund, and London-based, Active Private Equity. In 2017, GP Investments’ subsidiary, Spice Private Equity invested in LEON to fund its growth in Europe and the U.S.

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